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Look With Both Eyes

•,By Caitlin Johnstone

In it, Wilber is asked about the plight of our world and how the struggles of our species relate to the enlightened perspective, or "big mind".

I'm still not terribly familiar with Wilber's work, but in the clip he very eloquently addresses the paradoxical relationship between (A) spiritual enlightenment as a realization of perfect peace and (B) the heartbreaking compassion that expansion of consciousness brings in for the suffering of all beings in our world. He does this with a very simple phrase: he says that as you awaken, that suffering "hurts more, but it bothers you less."

In essence he says that awakening brings in an awareness of both the "absolute" perspective from which the world is seen as an illusion with no ultimate reality wherein no imperfection could possibly exist, and the "relative" perspective in which the suffering or happiness of others matters deeply to you.

"I don't know anyone who has simply resolved that," Wilber says of this paradox. "And I don't think you're supposed to. And I think the people that do are just playing on one side or the other side of that street. And we have to give ourselves plenty of room to both feel absolute perfection in everything that's arising, and yet see one person starving and you will start crying so hard it will kill you. And if you're not doing both, you're doing something wrong."