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3600 pounds of gold stolen in transit at Canadian air cargo port

• Toronto Sun
Peel Regional Police have enlisted the help of the RCMP following a massive gold heist at Pearson airport. Earlier this week, someone made off with 3,600 pounds of gold being moved through the airport. Pearson is often used to move gold mined in Ontario to customers around the world. At current spot prices for gold, that would put value of the heist at more than $100 million. While that sounds like a lot of gold, and it is definitely worth a lot, it could have been smuggled out of the airport in something as simple as a heavy-duty pickup truck. According to sources, police believe the heist was done locally and are looking at organized crime elements in the region. This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Article content Ports of all kinds, air and marine, have long been used by criminal elements to either steal or move stolen goods. Gangs and other organized crime elements work hard to either place their people in jobs at ports, like Pearson, or compromise those already employed there. Several organized crime groups are known to have either people or allies placed at Pearson, monitoring their activities and controlling them is close to a full-time job. The truth, though, is that at this point, investigators don't know who stole the gold. It could be organized crime or it could be someone who took the chance to pull off one of the biggest robberies in Canadian history simply by stumbling upon the situation.