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Gold's "Catapult Has Been Built; Silver's is Next"

•, by Jim Willie CB

The time has come to cite the many reasons why Gold has risen, and why Gold will continue to launch to much higher levels. The USGovt debt and USTreasury Bond default, in my opinion, deserve the lead factors along with powerful price inflation. These factors are not featured in the press. The Jackass has stated for the last five years, to impatient clients and frustrated colleagues, that the Gold price will not break above the $2000 mark with momentum in a sustained manner until the USGovt debt is widely perceived to be on a crash course toward default. WE ARE THERE, as even the prestigious St Louis Fed has publicly gone on record to call the USGovt debt as unsustainable. The picture of default is being painted.

Growing perception of USGovt debt default and USTreasury Bond default. The $34 trillion debt will never be repaid. The borrowing costs are over $1.2 trillion annualized.

Growing perception of monetized USGovt debt and monetized USTBond refunding. A severe shortage of foreign bond investors has become an acute problem.

Growing perception of constant status for higher price inflation. The actual CPI is at least 5% to 6% higher than reported.

Growing trend of grand wealth transfer, from USTreasurys to Gold in banking systems. This phenomenon is an historic factor, seen once per century.

Growing trend by bank depositors to remove funds from banking system, and to invest in the more stable Gold. Individual account holders are very worried.

Progress with BRICS nations in creating non-USD payment systems, which results in heavy volume of USTreasury Bond sales. They are all de-Dollarizing to remove risk.

Growing resentment by victims of Dollar Weaponization, to avoid the USDollar in favor of Gold for trade payments and reserves management. The USGovt has weaponized the USD and attacked any nation operating to the contrary.

Hidden agenda by Western central banks to escape grotesque insolvency by investing heavily in Gold, then sending price to $3000, then $5000, then $10,000. Former BIS Chairman Zijlstra outlined this plan in the 1990 decade. In fact, the USFed has handed the USDept Treasury a ripe $120 billion loss from its Balance Sheet. It is insolvent.