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Undeterred By Bud Light Boycott, CVS Goes All-In On Transgenderism


Fox Business has obtained a 'gender transition guide' that reveals how the company goes out of their way to encourage 'transgenderism' among their employees, including how 'transgender' employees may use whichever bathroom and locker room they like:

CVS Health's "gender transition guidelines" for employees requires workers to address people by their preferred pronouns and names and that they may use whichever restroom or locker room they wish regardless of whether the individual identifies as transgender.

In the guidelines obtained exclusively by FOX Business, employees are told they may be entitled to a medical leave of absence "under the Family and Medical Leave Act, state law, and/or CVS Health policy." Transitioning employees are asked to tell their immediate leaders about their transition so the company "can provide support and to make your transition as smooth as possible."