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France Willing To Work With China On 'Peaceful Solution' For Ukraine

•, by Dave DeCamp

"France is ready to make joint efforts with China to facilitate the cessation of hostilities and seek a peaceful solution," Emmanuel Bonne told Wang, according to a Chinese readout of a phone call that took place on Thursday.

The readout said Bonne "expressed appreciation for China's positive role in promoting peace talks." The French position is radically different than the Biden administration's as the White House came out against the idea of a ceasefire in Ukraine ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping's trip to Moscow.

President Biden also immediately dismissed the idea of China mediating between Russia and Ukraine after Beijing released a 12-point peace plan for the conflict. He said the idea of China being involved in the negotiations is not "rational."

Wang told Bonne in the call that China is hoping to come to a "strategic consensus" with the EU on the issue of Ukraine and wants European countries to promote the idea of peace talks.

"China expects France and other European countries to also play their due role in this regard. Ceasefire, resumption of peace talks and political settlement of the crisis should become the strategic consensus between China and the EU," the Chinese readout said.

Other world leaders have expressed support for China's initiatives, including Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.