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The Cover-Up: The Biden Administration Continues to Conceal Its Responsibility...

•, By Seymour M. Hersh

It's been six weeks since I published a report, based on anonymous sourcing, naming President Joe Biden as the official who ordered the mysterious destruction last September of Nord Stream 2, a new $11-billion pipeline that was scheduled to double the volume of natural gas delivered from Russia to Germany. The story gained traction in Germany and Western Europe, but was subject to a near media blackout in the US. Two weeks ago, after a visit by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to Washington, US and German intelligence agencies attempted to add to the blackout by feeding the New York Times and the German weekly Die Zeit false cover stories to counter the report that Biden and US operatives were responsible for the pipelines' destruction.

Press aides for the White House and Central Intelligence Agency have consistently denied that America was responsible for exploding the pipelines, and those pro forma denials were more than enough for the White House press corps. There is no evidence that any reporter assigned there has yet to ask the White House press secretary whether Biden had done what any serious leader would do: formally "task" the American intelligence community to conduct a deep investigation, with all of its assets, and find out just who had done the deed in the Baltic Sea. According to a source within the intelligence community, the president has not done so, nor will he. Why not? Because he knows the answer.

Sarah Miller—an energy expert and an editor at Energy Intelligence, which publishes leading trade journals—explained to me in an interview why the pipeline story has been big news in Germany and Western Europe. "The destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines in September led to a further surge of natural gas prices that were already six or more times pre-crisis levels," she said. "Nord Stream was blown up in late September. German gas imports peaked a month later, in October, at 10 times pre-crisis levels. Electricity prices across Europe were pulled up, and governments spent as much as 800 billion euros, by some estimates, shielding households and businesses from the impact. Gas prices, reflecting the mild winter in Europe, have now fallen back to roughly a quarter of the October peak, but they are still between two and three times pre-crisis levels and are more than three times current US rates. 

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The US denial was completely dystopian from the get-go. Obviously Putin would not mess with his own profit margins or compromise his energy leverage over Germany and the EU in general. Later on, Seymour Hersh, who is certainly no slouch and no shill, puts some additional detail on the obvious, for all the good it did for the cnn-addled. Did we even need to see the archival footage of Biden promising to kill the pipeline if Russia invaded Ukraine? Apparently not, as the obvious is now unthinkable in this age of hyper-normalized nonthink. Does this mean Putin is great and we should leave Ukraine to be obliterated? No, stupid. It just means that "we" too are using bald-arse gummint propaganda to pass over our ruthlessness. Should we fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian? That's the tough and interesting question. Did we blow the heck out of Nordstream in order to corner Germany and the EU into involuntarily backing us? Hell yes we did!

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