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Bill Pending in Israel Would CRIMINALIZE Talking About Jesus;


Christian Leaders are urging Israeli Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu to stop a Bill pending in the Israeli Knessett (Parliament) that would make it criminal to tell people about Jesus, inside Israel.

Just days before Good Friday, Palm Sunday, and Easter, the Bill would punish Believers for sharing the Gospel of Jesus.  The Bill was introduced by two Ultra-Orthodox members of Netanyahu's Coalition: United Torah Judaism party members Moshe Gafni (Profile Here), and Yacov Asher, (Profile Here), pictured above.

The Bill would make it ILLEGAL to share, in personal conversation, or produce content online, in print, or by mail, talking about Jesus or His Gospel.  Their explanation in the Bill is "to stop Christians" in particular.

Former U.S. Ambassador of International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback – who served during the Trump-Pence administration – is the first American leader to publicly warn that this new bill poses a massive threat to free speech, human rights and religious freedom.

On Friday, Brownback – a long-time and consistent friend and supporter of Israel – was sent by email, a professional translation of the bill in English, which was originally written in Hebrew.

Surprised and concerned, the ambassador replied with the following statement:

"Free and democratic countries simply do not outlaw the free exchange of ideas and that includes religious beliefs and convictions. Article 18 of the Universal Charter of Human Rights – which Israel has signed onto – guarantees freedom of religion, including the right to decide your own faith beliefs."