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The United States And Russia Are At War - You Do Realize How This Would End, Don't You?

• by NightSky

By Michael Snyder

Joe Biden just made a surprise visit to Kyiv during which he announced that the U.S. is going to be involved for "as long as it takes" to win the war against Russia. Meanwhile, the Russians have now pulled together far more forces than they originally invaded Ukraine with a year ago. They intend to fight for "as long as it takes" too. There are no peace negotiations and there aren't going to be any peace negotiations. Both sides are counting on the other side to eventually back down. But what happens if both sides just keep escalating matters until a "point of no return" is reached?

After we have seen countless other world leaders visit Kyiv over the past year, Joe Biden finally mustered the courage to make the trek himself, and the mainstream media is making a really big deal out of it…

The US will back Ukraine in its fight against Russia for "as long as it takes" President Joe Biden said as he made an unannounced and symbolic visit to the capital, Kyiv.

"We have every confidence you're going to continue to prevail," he said.

Mr Biden's first trip to Ukraine as president came days before the first anniversary of Russia's invasion.

During his visit, Biden announced even more aid for Ukraine.

But we have already given 196 billion dollars in aid to the Ukrainians…