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'Revival' at Christian School Moves Off Campus After 2 Weeks of Continuous Prayer...

•, By Maria Pasquini

The "outpouring" of prayer began Feb. 8, following a "regularly scheduled chapel service" at Asbury University — before long, thousands arrived from across the country and around the world

After nearly two weeks of spontaneous and continuous worship, the "revival" at Asbury University in Kentucky had its last public service on Monday.

The outpouring of prayer began on Feb. 8 following a "regularly scheduled chapel service" at the Christian university.

"Students lingered to pray, worship, and share," University President Kevin J. Brown wrote in a statement. "They have not stopped and, moreover, have been joined far and wide by hungry men and women across the world."

Speaking with NBC News, Brown went so far as to say the morning service that day was "very ordinary" and "unremarkable." But what started with about a dozen students eventually grew until "something special," thanks in part to images of the worshiping going viral on TikTok.

"It has absolutely been social media that is the mechanism that people found out about this," Mark Whitworth, Asbury University's vice president of communications, told the outlet.

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