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Pfizer Criminality Exposed: Thailand's Royal Princess in Coma After Covid Pfizer Vaccine Booster

• By Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

"The 44-year old eldest daughter of the King in Thailand, and likely heir to the throne, had reported to be in excellent health prior to the vaccination and collapse while training her dogs.

The media seemed to generally lose interest after a January 9 update in which it was reported the princess remained in a coma and, according to the palace, has now been diagnosed with "severe heart arrhythmia resulting from inflammation following a mycoplasma infection.

One authority recently suggested that Thailand was preparing to declare its contracts for Pfizer vaccine "null and void" and go after the vaccine maker for damages.

Propagandists in the media have launched into overdrive to try to discredit such news, and to claim "no evidence" of a vaccine tie to the sudden illness of the princess (without mentioning that there is no evidence exonerating the vaccine, either). 

Google and other Big Tech companies, as well as their "fact-checkers" have repeatedly disseminated disinformation and censored accurate information on Covid and vaccines on behalf of vaccine industry interests." (Sheryl Attikson)