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Crazed Karen who racially harassed family for a YEAR and broke into their St. Louis home...


A St. Louis 'Karen' has been charged with multiple offenses after she was caught on a doorbell camera repeatedly threatening and wielding a hammer at a Mexican-American family.

Fatima Suarez said the abuse had been going on for a year as Judy Kline, a woman they had no prior interaction with, would frequently come to the door, damage property and steal their mail.

Video from their Ring camera finally caught Kline red handed, as she screamed racist remarks at the Suarez family, who identify as Mexican-American.

'It scared my family. It scared me,' Fatima Suarez said. 'I've cried. It was really stressful to see her keep coming back.' 

Nothing was done about it until Suarez posted video from the doorbell camera to TikTok, where it amassed several million views.  

At last, on Tuesday, the St. Louis Circuit Attorney charged Kline with burglary, property damage and unlawful use of a weapon after elevating a warrant application related to the case. 

There are five videos on Suarez's YouTube channel, including one where Kline wields a hammer and continuously rings the doorbell.

At several points in the videos, Kline refers to the family's house as 'my home' and uses foul language.

'What the hell are you doing in my home? Get out b****! Get out! It's my home!,' she screams.