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EctoLife: Concept Unveiled for the World's First Artificial Womb Facility

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If there aren't enough people for Earth, then there definitely won't be enough for Mars," he opined. Musk's statements brought the world's falling birthrate to the forefront of social consciousness.

For nearly a century, fertility rates have been decreasing globally. The result is what scientists are describing as a "worldwide infertility crisis." But there's a solution looming on the horizon — artificial wombs.

In 2017, scientists created a "BioBag" that functioned as an artificial womb, and they used it to grow a baby lamb. Now, a new concept has been unveiled showing how the same could be done for humans. In recently released footage, Hashem Al-Ghaili shows what childbirth might look like tomorrow. Specifically, he created an artificial womb facility named EctoLife.