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I've been writing about transhumanism, including Neuralink, since 2018.

•, Libby Emmons

It's scary, because as it becomes reality, human beings will simply become another part of the internet of things. We will just be data ports in a great sea of data ports, some human, some machine. 

Instead of being able to think our own thoughts, with a barrier between our thoughts and data inputs, it will be a two-way stream. Will we know when thoughts are not our own but have streamed into our minds without us even noticing? 

Who will be doing that streaming? Will authoritarian regimes have access to Neuralinked dissident minds? Will misinformation and disinformation censors have the ability to literally police and redirect our thoughts? 

Where does thought end and data begin? Will there be any way for human beings to understand the difference between their own thoughts and the data that is fed into those thoughts? 

LIBBY EMMONS: Neuralink Seeks to Transform Human Beings Into Simply Another Data Port in the Internet of Things