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SELCO: If You're Broke, Remember, The Most Important Preps Don't Cost Money

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In a bunch of information, I read one of the most interesting statistics for me, and it is info that people here spend around 45 percent of (average) salary on food only. And it is like very essential food, not fancy or dining out.

Statistics are a funny thing, so it makes sense also to mention that majority of folks get much less than the average salary. But there is also a percentage of people (politicians, and others on the government 'tit') who receive salaries 5-6 times larger than the common folks. So "average salary" is a funny number actually.

But, statistics work that way.

You do not have to be a mathematic wizard to realize (based on these numbers) that a huge number of people are struggling every month to cover expenses only for food, and covering anything else is like science fiction for them.

Those are folks who work and got some salary for it.

The unemployment rate goes from 30 to 50 percent, depending on who you ask –  government or nongovernment sources.

So, there are a lot of hungry people here. The government and statistics do not mention them.

I am not sure about the numbers in your region and the place where you live, but I am positive that there are no good numbers anywhere today, only bad numbers and statistics.

Everyone everywhere is struggling.