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Prayer for America

•, By Ms. Smallback

We recognize our nation has gone the way of Baal and idolatry, and You are justified in Your judgments.  We recognize the slaughter of the innocent demands a reckoning.  We don't come before you as a righteous nation, one that is intent on upholding the ways of the Kingdom of God, but one instead that is groaning under the weight of corruption and wickedness.  We know that there are none righteous, no not one, apart from the atonement of Christ.

We recognize that the institutional church has compromised its calling to bring the lost to salvation, and has partnered with the systems of the world.  And yet, my Lord, You have reserved a people who have not compromised, who have practiced repentance and the ways of Your kingdom.

Father, You remain faithful even when we are faithless, for You cannot deny yourself.  Forgive us our complacency, our compromise, our apathy.  Forgive us our inaction and our weaknesses.  Restore the fear of the Lord in our land, in our homes and in our hearts.  Transfer power from the works of darkness to the Kingdom of God, and give us the wisdom and abilities to wield it with the wisdom of Heaven and the authority of Christ.

Father have mercy on our nation, for our rulers are wicked and have partnered with the works of darkness.  They have deceived the simple-minded and weak-willed; they have pacified and distracted even the strong and mindful.  They have been empowered by abhorrent deeds of wickedness in their partnership to the gods of darkness.  They have compromised our government, our society, our culture, our families, our public and private venues and installed cultural evils, works of iniquity, and a culture of sin from diabolical orders of evil in nearly every realm.