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Globalists Have Engineered a Financial Collapse to Pave the Way for a New Economic World Order

• Infowars - James Corbett

We've all started to feel the pinch of supply chain disruptions and rising energy costs and economic uncertainty and inflation – not to mention stagflation and shrinkflation and deflation – but the past months have really hammered home the extent of the crisis we are facing. It seems every single day brings with it the news of some fresh five-alarm financial fire.

The Dow is sinking. The loonie is falling. Japan is cracking. Global stocks are plunging. Eurozone inflation is spiking. The Fed is hiking. Builders are slashing. Crypto is crashing. Treasuries are tanking.

As I'm sure you've seen, there have been many, many such stories circulating in the financial press in recent months, all touting similarly bleak numbers.