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What's happening to your money?

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 And why does anyone take any notice of what they say? It wasn't difficult to see that inflation was coming. (I warned that inflation was coming fast and hard two years ago. I told you it was going into double figures.) Similarly, it was easy to see (and again you could have read it on this website) that interest rates were going up. The days of absurdly low, artificial interest rates are over. They've served their purpose – and lined up millions of people for penury, bankruptcy and homelessness. (You'll find more about inflation in my book Moneypower.)

The idiots in governments keep saying that energy prices will fall next year. But they're either being very, very stupid or they are lying. There is no way that energy prices are going to fall. They may go up and down a bit but the trend will be upwards. The officially supported and protected global warming cultists will ensure that energy prices go higher by helping to prevent oil companies finding new supplies. This winter is going to be a doddle compared to next winter. If you agree with me it might be a good idea to make appropriate plans. Congratulate yourself if you have a working chimney.

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The answer is simple. The banks are creating more money. This means that your dollars are worth less, because there are more of them to cover the same amount of product. --- Why don't you get this newly created money? Because it's going to Ukraine. So, if you would like to be able to support Ukraine against Russia, but you just don't have the money, understand that the government has been helping you by supporting Ukraine with your money. Enjoy your poverty.