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Ancient Artifacts Prove Human Genetic Destruction by Satan - Steve Quayle

• By Greg Hunter

Quayle, who is privately funding expeditions to dig up artifacts thousands of years old, says the narrative that aliens created humans is a huge lie.  Quayle and his team have recently dug up ancient Egyptian artifacts from Mexico and Central America to prove his point.  Quayle says, "I want to share this.  There are 27 forms of incredibly ugly creatures.  We have panels and photographs that others have excavated in the late 1950's that show the aliens sexually encountering human females and giving birth to some 'its.'  In no place is there any indication that the aliens created humans, but there is every indication they messed with the DNA. . . . We have found in the language that they have translated (from the ancient artifacts the Quayle team has found) . . . and the overwhelming concern the amount of genetic tampering from creatures we found polluting the human genome.  This is interesting because if   you flash forward to where we are at now with the Messenger RNA vaccines and the transformation of the human genome, when do you have so much tampering that you are no longer human? . . . 

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Ancient artifacts only open up possibilities. God created mankind. Then in Genesis, "... the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose." 'Sons of God' is interpreted as 'angels' by many Bible scholars. Rob Skiba explains it in several of his Youtube videos like this one, "2015 Lubbock Conference Session 4 Rob Skiba - Nephilim Genetics and the Rise of the X-men" - --- We know that gene combinations carry multitudes of human makeups. We all carry at least a few genes from the angels/aliens listed in Genesis. Although true human genes are stronger, the angel genes make their appearance in people at times.