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England Experiments with Feeding Bugs to Zimbabwean Children

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How will history look back on a modern-day study of African children being fed insects as an experiment?

That is exactly what is going on today, and more concerning, this has been going on since Valentine's Day of 2020.

The United Kingdom Research and Innovation department has been backing this research amongst 7-11-year-olds in Zimbabwe for over a year now, feeding those kids a "novel insect protein enriched porridge."

The name of the study is "Upscaling edible insect-based porridge to improve the health and nutritional status of Primary School children in Zimbabwean low socio-economic communities."

According to the researchers, this is perfectly acceptable behavior because it's "culturally acceptable." 
They state that within rural Zimbabwe, termites and mopane worms are foods that the people have traditionally resorted to during times of drought/poor harvest.

In other words, people here have eaten bugs in the past when they were starving, so it's perfectly acceptable to feed this to their children today.

I have a hard time following this logic.

Should Uruguayans experiment with cannibalism because some of them had to resort to that in the past when they were starving? The Donner Party here in America did the very same thing. Does that mean we should start to incorporate people food into our diet?

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