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Biden quietly stealing American Indian lands

•, by Frank Holmes

Joe Biden presides over the most "woke" administration in U.S. history, but ironically, he's being accused of the worst acts of white supremacy: stealing ancient American Indian burial lands and perpetrating "genocide" against their modern-day descendants.

It began last Wednesday, when Biden created the newest National Park, Camp Hale, which consists of 53,804 acres of land in Colorado. That land contains the bodies of members of the Ute tribe, remains so old they long predate written history.

Seizing American Indian land for the U.S. government is "an unlawful act of genocide," spokespeople from the tribe said the day of Biden's announcement. "This unlawful action by the President today is a desecration of our ancestors that remain buried on our homelands."

"President Biden designated a new National Monument in the middle of the Ute Indian Tribe's traditional homelands without tribal consultation and including the Tribe in the management of these lands. The Tribe and its elected leaders were even excluded from the event taking place on their homelands," said the Ute Indian Tribe Business Committee.

"The United States President is doing what the United States has always done and we will use all lawful measures at our disposal to stop this."