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In Arizona, Libertarian Party Senate Candidate Polls at 15 Percent

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Are Americans getting tired of the "choice" between dictatorial Democrats and control-freakish Republicans? Many of us would like to think so, and evidence from the crucial Arizona U.S. Senate race suggests that at least some voters are looking for an option that doesn't represent a competing brand of authoritarianism. In that contest, Libertarian Party nominee Marc Victor is polling at 15 percent and may get a further boost from his appearance in a well-timed televised debate.

"Live and let live. That's my position on every issue," Marc Victor introduced himself during his opening statement at the October 6 debate, which was broadcast by PBS. "Live your life however you choose, just let other people do the same thing. My name is Marc J. Victor, and if you're tired of the same old politics, I'm your guy. I'm a proud Marine Corps combat veteran, and for the last 28 years, I've been thinking outside the box as a criminal defense attorney."