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Hear that? It's the momentum sliding away from Katie Hobbs and toward Kari Lake

•, Phil Boas

Hear that sound?

That's the whoosh of momentum shifting in the Arizona governor's race.

What began as a contest about Kari Lake's immersion, body and soul, into the populist waters of Donald Trump has now become a story about the faint heart and ineptitude of her Democratic opponent, Katie Hobbs.  

The ah-hah moment in the Arizona governor's race came as a short video that blazed across social media this week and flipped a light switch in the minds of state Republicans and Democrats.

The softball interview that changed things

It was filmed during candidate interviews that Hobbs and her Republican opponent did separately with state and national Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on Oct. 3 and was later aired Oct. 8.

In the Q&A, a moderator tosses the most gentle of questions to Hobbs.

"Today you said that growing up in Arizona, you have seen and heard how impactful the migrant community, talking about the Hispanic community, has been. Let me ask you, how has it impacted you personally? What have you learned – specifically learned – from the Latino community?"

Enter deer. Enter headlights.

What follows is cringe-inducing as Hobbs knows she's in trouble and searches urgently through the recesses of her mind for anything, anything intelligent she might possibly say.

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If people really wanted to make sure that a candidate for any office was going to work for them, they would figure out a way to make the platform the candidate runs on, to be a contract with the people, with penalties if the contract is not fulfilled. In the case of the US President, or a State governor, the penalty could be execution for not fulfilling the contract as started in the platform.