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There Is Always Hope

• by Aden Tate

Sure, you can do that. And evil will win because of your unwillingness to stop it.

We don't do things that way here in America.

We stopped Japan, saved England, stopped the Holocaust, figured out yellow fever, tore down the Berlin Wall, rescued the Philippines, and put an end to Osama bin Laden.

Americans believe in hope.

Succumbing to fatalism doesn't make one a better person. It doesn't make you a "realist." It just makes you somebody devoid of hope – somebody who has swallowed the pill of apathy.

There is always hope.

Yes, we must look at the truths of the world around us and acknowledge facts. And there are times when the facts are stacked against one. But wisdom allows us to see that hope is always present.

I write this largely because of my prior piece on the Belgorod. I never want to give my fellow Americans the feeling that the state of things in our nation is hopeless.