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Government, MSM gaslighting Americans about food industry sabotage and mysterious fires

•, by: Mary Villareal

However, the government and mainstream media (MSM) are simply ignoring these.

Dr. Jane Ruby could not help but wonder, asking this on Sept. 26: "Are they trying to replicate the fear and panic to a larger degree than what happened in 2020? When people panicked and cleaned out grocery stores for simple items like toilet paper, but didn't even understand why they were doing it? Well, maybe, but on a much bigger scale."

Ruby touched on the shortages of food, fuel and fertilizer – which lines up with the elites' plans for global starvation. However, she also mentioned the role of the MSM in shaping the public's opinion in all of this.

"Maybe if it's contrived, it's real, but it's being forced," Ruby commented about the "spontaneous" combustion and conflagration happening at hundreds of food manufacturing plants. She added that by summer of 2022, the list of fires and other incidents related to the food shortages had grown to include meatpacking plants in Georgia, Illinois and other states.

These incidents went on and on, but no investigations were made because no lives were lost – except for things that affected hundreds of food manufacturing plants that could impact a country's ability to distribute food to its citizens.

Such incidents have been chalked up as "conspiracy theories," but Ruby pointed out that the MSM is incredibly dangerous. Together with the government, it has assured people that the food supply remains uninterrupted. However, many have observed the fires that consumed many food production facilities – something too much to ignore.

MSM gaslighting citizens to create a fake narrative

Ruby accused the MSM of "doing the opposite of what it's supposed to be doing," which is to keep authorities honest or make them be as transparent as possible. Instead, the MSM has become an active conspirator and led people to believe the opposite of what is actually happening.