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School Choice Is Winning in Arizona--and Beyond


Finally! Now more states will let parents use their tax money to educate their kids at a school they choose.

In Arizona, families can get $6,500 to spend on private school, tutoring, or even homeschooling.

The education establishment is horrified—especially teachers unions. They don't want competition.

But competition makes us all better. The Ford Model T was a breakthrough. But it's lousy compared to what we have today. That's because carmakers compete to make better cars.

But American education has barely changed since the days of Henry Ford. Kids still sit in a room, watching a teacher at a blackboard.

For my video this week, I debate a union leader.

He's David Walrod, president of the Fairfax, Virginia, chapter of the American Federation of Teachers. The AFT has been controlled by union boss Randi Weingarten for 14 years. I once provoking her by saying, "Unionized monopolies like yours fail!"

"We are not a unionized monopoly!" she replied. "Folks who want to say this…don't really care about kids."

Weingarten won't talk to me anymore, so I'm glad Walrod would.

"What's wrong with giving parents a choice?" I ask. After all, competition makes us try harder.

"If I compete directly against you, I have a vested interest in doing better than you," he said.

Isn't that good?

"Not in education," he replies. Parental choice would just "duplicate bureaucracy."

But his schools are already drowning in bureaucracy. They spend $16,505 per student! That's more than $300,000 per classroom. $300,000 would fund several good teachers, but the bureaucracy prevents that money from going to actual teaching.