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NJ Department Of Education Threatens Schools That Refuse To Promote Gender Identity To Minors

• By Bo Banks

Public schools want children to learn about radical progressive sex and sexuality to fulfil educational goals. Which, as outlined by Christopher F. Rufo, is all apart of a long-term goal to normalize adult-child sex.

In a new development to this story, the New Jersey Department of Education is threatening teachers with "discipline" if they refuse to teach minors about these progressive topics. 

The state's Department of Education issued the following statement after some school districts refused to adopt these new woke requirements:

"The Garwood school board passed a resolution not to adopt a curriculum that discusses some of the topics in the new sex education standards. The Sussex County Board of County Commissioners passed a "parental rights" resolution that asserts parental control over what children learn in health classes. And the Sussex-Wantage Regional Board of Education passed a resolution saying it "disagrees" with the state's changes to health standards."