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U.S. Postal Service caught tracking mail of 2nd Amendment advocates

•, By Bob Unruh

With Democrats more and more demanding mail-in elections, the delivery of those ballots – and the voluminous campaign literate – is becoming more and more important.

And that means Americans will rely more and more on the U.S. Postal Service.

Which, according to the Washington Times, now has been caught tracking the communications of 2nd Amendment advocates.

The report said the USPS "monitored protesters across the country, snooping on Americans focused on issues involving guns and President Biden's election."

The Times said, "Postal inspectors tracked the actions of gun rights activists gathering in Richmond, Virginia; people preparing to demonstrate against police in Louisville, Kentucky, after an investigation into the police shooting of Breonna Taylor; and far-right groups headed to the District of Columbia after Mr. Biden's election."

The details in the report were from the Cato Institute, where Patrick Eddington obtained records – albeit heavily redacted – explaining the spy program run by postal inspectors from September 2020 through April 2021.

Eddington described the USPS agenda as capable of reaching into every home and business in the country.

"The Postal Service cannot reliably deliver mail to my own home, yet they can find the money and people to effectively digitally spy at scale, including on Americans engaged in First Amendment-protected activities," he charged.