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Gun Grabber David Hogg's PAC Raises $3 Million, Spends Almost a Third on Travel...

• https://www.thegatewaypundit.comBy Margaret Flavin

According to Breitbart News, gun-grabber David Hogg, who rose to fame on the tragedy of his dead classmates, is under scrutiny for expenditures of his Leaders We Deserve PAC.

The organization spent almost half of the $3 million-plus it brought in last year on travel expenses, political consultants, and legal fees despite the PAC's claimed focus on electing leftist Gen Z candidates.

One of the expenditures includes a payout to former Clinton campaign general counsel and Trump-Russia hoax cheerleader Marc Elias.

However, Breitbart reports that their stated initiative comes second to supporting Hogg's travel itinerary and enriching consultants, with expenditures of only $263,000 on campaigns and candidates.

Via Breibart:

Of the more than $3 million raised in its first year of operations, the Leaders We Deserve PAC spent only about $263,000 on its stated mission of electing candidates from Generation Z to office combined with donations to other Democrat Party committees and groups—and instead spent more than $1.4 million on disbursements to themselves for payroll and to political consulting firms and legal fees, in addition to travel and entertainment expenses like hotels, flights, and meals.

The FEC records show that Hogg's group spent more than $51,000 across several payments to a group called Accelerate Political Advisors and another more than $25,000 across several payments to a firm called Bee Compliance, LLC. In addition, the group spent more than $83,000 on legal fees to Elias Law Group, the firm headed by Democrat lawyer Marc Elias. Leaders We Deserve spent another more than $28,000 over two payments, the records show, for "Communications Consulting" from a group called "Liftoff Campaigns" and yet another $60,000 for "Strategic Consulting" from a firm called "Lim Consulting Services."