2nd Amendment Grades for Illinois' 2024 Political Candidates

Written by Sam Jacobs Subject: Gun Rights

At Ammo.com we decided to grade the federal and state politicians running for office this year in regards to their stance on the Second Amendment. Here's our take on Illinois' candidates. The politicians are graded based on their previous 2A voting records, public statements on their constituents owning firearms, and their willingness to focus on 2A issues. Given our research on this criteria, we've assigned the following grades to those running for office:

A: Pro-2A Voting History, Outspoken Advocate for Second Amendment Rights, Displays a Strong and Consistent Stand Against 2A Infringements, Makes 2A Rights a Priority.
B: Claims to Support 2A Rights, Votes No to 2A Infringements, Makes Second Amendment Rights a Priority.
C: Does Not Support Gun Control Measures, is Not An Active Advocate Support for the Second Amendment.
D: Does Not Support All Gun Control Measures, Does Not Actively Introduce Anti-2A Legislation.
F: Actively Campaigns for Gun Control, Proposes New Gun Control Legislation.

Illinois Politicians Running for Federal Office in 2024 & Their Grades

A: Joshua Lloyd (R), James Marter (R)
B: Jerry Evans (R), Joe McGraw (R)
C: Mark Rice (R)
D: Nikki Budzinski (D)
F: Raja Krishnamoorthi (D), Bill Foster (D), Lauren Underwood (D), Eric Sorensen (D)

Illinois Politicians Running for State Office in 2024

Illinois has 118 State House Districts and 59 State Senate Districts. The following districts are key battleground areas with less than a 5% margin of victory in prior elections. Here are our endorsements based on the candidates' stance toward 2A rights.

State Senate District 20: Jason Proctor (R)
State House District 45: Dennis Reboletti (R)
State House District 49: Hannah Billingsley (R)
State House District 75: Jed Davis (R)
State House District 77: We do not endorse either candidate because neither meets our standards for pro-2A candidates due to a lack of prioritizing pro-2A issues.

Read more about how we graded Illinois' politicians and why it's more than just the Presidential election that matters this year! 2nd Amendment Grades for Illinois' 2024 Political Candidates

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