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California Air Resources Board (CARB) Voted To Ban Natural Gas Heaters And Furnaces by 2030


At 70 degrees, the half-life of ozone is a mere 20 minutes.
Without natural gas in homes, all heating will instead rely on electricity. And it is already a demonstrated fact that windmills and solar panels will never produce enough energy to power everything, including EVs, with electricity.

The California Air Resources Board today approved a statewide plan for attaining the federal health-based standard for ozone, typically experienced as smog. The 2022 State Implementation Plan Strategy identifies the state's control strategy for meeting the federal 70 parts per billion, 8-hour ozone standard over the next 15 years.

The 2022 State Implementation Plan (SIP) Strategy includes an unprecedented variety of new measures to reduce emissions from sources under the state's authority using all mechanisms available to transition away from combustion through regulations along with incentive and voluntary programs. Strategies outlined in the plan build on measures and commitments already made and range from the Advanced Clean Truck Measures and In-Use Locomotive Measure to a proposed zero-emissions space and water heaters measure, measures to reduce emissions from consumer products, and more.