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11 Best Countries for Medical Tourism in 2022

• Med Tour Agency

Several factors underlie the triggering for treatment abroad. One of the major factors is to save cost. Other advantages include zero waiting time, international standard healthcare, touring after recovery, unavailability of treatment in homeland, and much more. The following destinations are often considered as the best countries for medical tourism by most people.

In the US, the healthcare system is known for being notoriously expensive. Although the treatment offered is of a high standard. But compared to the other countries the costs are a few folds higher. According to data collected in 2017 by the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, 11.3% of Americans cannot afford health insurance.

Circumvention tourism is another growing sector in this field. Services such as abortion and doctor-assisted suicide may be restricted in the home country but are allowed in the destination country.

This article is formatted to help readers with selecting the right destination for varying sectors of medical tourism. It covers destinations popular for their particular services and more insights on why one might choose to visit them.