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Miami's Gun Buyback Program Preys On Residents To Hand Over Firearms To Support Fight Against Ru

• by Tyler Durden

Called "Guns 4 Ukraine," the flyer on the Miami government website reads: 

Your donations will be used to assist the Ukraine support efforts. Receive a gift card starting at $50 for an old, unused, or found weapons, no questions asked. Do your part to make our streets safer. Visa Gift Cards will be exchanged for the weapons in the following amounts: $50 Firearm, $100 Shotgun or Rifle, and $150 High-powered assault rifle (.223 Caliber, AR-15, AK-47). 

City officials outlined how no "homemade firearms" will be accepted in exchange for gift cards. It appears they learned a valuable lesson from a Houston, Texas, gun buyback program earlier this month when a man 3D-printed 62 pistols and was able to collect thousands of dollars.