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Chinese Customs Halts Some Meat Imports From Tyson Foods

•, by Tyler Durden

On Monday, the state-owned mouthpiece Global Times said, "Chinese authorities have informed the US Department of Agriculture that Chinese customs will suspend meat imports transported by US firm Tyson Fresh Meat starting from Monday after its pig trotters failed to pass inspection."

Bloomberg pointed out that the suspension of some meat imports from Tyson came as China halted trade with two other US meatpackers because of the presence of ractopamine in the meat, a feed additive used in the US but prohibited by Beijing in raising livestock. 

Rabobank's Pan Chenjun doesn't believe the Tyson suspension should tremendously impact the meat trade between both countries. He said the incident comes as Chinese buyers could increase overseas pork purchases. 

"China's pork demand is expected to improve in the coming months and prices are being pressured to climb further," Chenjun said.

After pig ebola decimated the country's pig herd several years ago, Fu Linghui, the National Bureau of Statistics spokesperson, said that China's live pig production returned to near average levels. 

Pig prices in the country are around $3.26 per pound, well off the highs during the outbreak of pig ebola that sent prices skyrocketing towards $6 in 2019. 

Suppose the drivers behind the move aren't due to banned feed additives or supply issues. In that case, it's crucial to note that Sino-American relations have soured over the past month following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. Then on Sunday, the US Navy sent two guided-missile cruisers through the Taiwan Strait on a "routine" mission.