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Prison Guards in Siberia Report "Britney Griner" is a . . . Man!


This American has become regular news recently as Russia and the USA negotiate prisoner exchanges. 

A Russian court sentenced WNBA star Brittney Griner to nine years in prison earlier this month, an expected conclusion to her trial that should allow negotiations for a prisoner swap to accelerate.

Griner, who was arrested Feb. 17 for bringing cannabis into the country, had been prepared for a harsh sentence, sources close to the player said. But she and her supporters have also been aware that Russia was not going to move forward with a trade that could bring her home until her trial was completed. A guilty verdict was considered a foregone conclusion, and Griner pleaded guilty July 7, though the case continued under Russian law.

During sentencing, Judge Anna Sotnikova said she had found that Griner intentionally broke the law and also fined her 1 million rubles (about $16,700). Sotnikova said the time Griner has served in custody since her arrest in February would count toward the sentence.

Griner reacted to the sentence with little emotion, listening to the verdict with a blank stare on her face.

The "woman's Basketball" star received a harsh sentence because Russia doesn't tolerate illegal drugs.

Photos are also circulating claiming to show Griner without a shirt, and the tattoos of the man in the image seem to match those visible when Griner played basketball for the women's team.