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Canadian company vows to produce 9,000 tons of crickets each year for "human and pet consumptio

• by Ethan Huff

Aspire Food Group, which has facilities in both the United States and Canada, just completed construction on a massive facility that is said to be the world's largest cricket production facility.

Every year, the plant will produce up to 9,000 metric tons of crickets for "human and pet consumption," the company says. This amounts to roughly two billion crickets every 365 days.

The company says it already has orders in place for the next two years, suggesting that someone has plans for large amounts of people to be eating cricket food as opposed to real food (Related: Wales is already testing out feeding crickets to schoolchildren).

"Crickets are currently being explored as a protein-rich superfood," claims Canadian Manufacturing.

"They contain fiber and are already found in grocery stores and restaurants, and have a smaller environmental footprint than traditional protein sources."