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Liz Cheney Enters Second Stage Of Grief, Blames 'Very Sick' Republicans For Her Loss

• by Tyler Durden

On Sunday, Cheney entered the second phase of grief following her 37-point loss to attorney Harriet Hageman - anger.

In an interview with ABC's "This Week," Cheney blamed "very sick" Republicans for booting her out of the Senate (Of course, the Wyoming Republican Party had long since disowned Cheney for voting to impeach Trump).

"It says that clearly his hold is very strong among some portions of the Republican Party," Cheney said, referring to Trump - before dismissing her crushing defeat as an outlier.

"My state of Wyoming is not necessarily a representative, sort of, you know, sample of the party," to which anchor Jon Karl shot back that it's one of the most red states in the country.

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