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Gun-control activists ignore what a sixth sense tells us

• By Lt. Col. James Zumwalt

As humans evolved, intelligence enabled them to grab top spot on the food chain. Despite having done so, we lack special sensitivities some animals have developed over the years to survive. Evolution has given birds, discerning air pressure changes ahead of storms, the instinct to seek safety; sharks, sensing water pressure changes ahead of hurricanes, to dive deeper to avoid surface impact; and wild animals, sensing an inbound tsunami, to seek refuge further inland.

Though recognizing such sensitivities within the animal kingdom, mankind seems to ignore a sixth-sense similarity to discern the place a mass shooter will most likely select as a "killing field" – by an overwhelming margin. Because we ignore this, we foolishly create the very environment the shooter finds most inviting.

Just like Ivory soap guarantees its product is 99.44% pure, there is an almost equally high guarantee as to the location a shooter, hellbent on committing mass murder, will choose. In fact, it is with 97.8% certainty, the location selected will be one designated as a "gun-free zone." The obvious reason is the desire to commit the crime, devoid of any risk of deadly interference. Yet anti-gun activists lack a sixth sense recognizing that, to a shooter, a gun-free zone is a clear welcome sign.

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Comment by PureTrust
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As long as gun people think that we came about through evolution, and that God didn't create us, their gun-control worries are the little worries. The worries they should have are the God-control worries. God doesn't like the idea of people ignoring Him. He is patient. He is merciful. But there comes a time when their lack of acknowledging Him is going to backfire on them. Gun-control is nothing compared with what God can do.