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Double Digit Pumps

•, eric

Not the total price of what you pump but rather the double digit cost of a single gallon of gas. The expectation being it will soar to more than $10 per gallon in the near future – and not Because Putin, though the Biden Thing continues to say it's so, hoping you'll believe it and blame Putin Rearing rather than him, enserfing.

But it is because of the other things in California that gasoline sold there is currently the most expensive sold anywhere within the boundaries of the United States. In part, because of the extortionate taxes levied by the things which control California – which is or ought to be regarded by the people of California as a joke in very poor taste, given California's "progressive" – i.e., socialist – policies.

Aren't socialists supposed to be in favor of easing the burden on the working class, the average person?