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Eight different surveys all show the vaccines are not "safe and effective" -- not even clo

•,by Steve Kirsch

I've written over 700 articles on my Substack. This is my most important article to date because it provides objective proof, that anyone can verify, that I have been telling the truth since I first became a "misinformation spreader" on May 25, 2021 with an article on TrialSite News entitled "Should you get vaccinated?".

Please watch my 17-minute summary video where I show the highlights from each of the 8 surveys I recently did.

If you only watch one video this year, this is the one to watch. It can save your life.

The preliminary results show:

The vaccines have already killed more Americans than COVID
For kids 5-11, the 5-11 death report data indicates we are killing 336 kids for every child we might save from COVID if the vaccine was 100% perfect in protecting against death.
The second shot is the most dangerous and increases all-cause mortality (ACM) over the next 30 days by 5X, the first and third shots raise ACM by 3X, and the fourth shot appears to only mildly elevate your risk of death. The analogy is that if 3 bullets to your head haven't stopped you, it's unlikely the 4th bullet will make much of a difference.
It appears that the true number of COVID deaths, vaccine deaths, and annual deaths from heart attacks are relatively comparable with each other (within a factor of 2) since January 2020 to the present. This suggests that only around 650,000 people actually died from COVID, and a slightly larger number have died from the COVID vaccines. This is in line with our VAERS minimum estimate of excess deaths caused by the vaccine: 12,000 VAERS excess deaths in the US * 41 (under-reporting factor) = 492,000 deaths.
These are all estimates, but the numbers are so absurdly high that nobody should be taking these vaccines, especially kids. It's unethical.
VAERS is very under-reported for deaths. All 15 deaths reported weren't reported to the VAERS system suggesting that our 41X under-reporting factor minimum estimate is well within range.
All surveys have biases and confounders. We are certainly open to hearing from anyone who thinks that they have a more accurate survey or analysis method. Instead of shooting holes in the survey, it's more constructive to show us the "right" way.