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Former French marine returns from Ukraine, says "war crimes" are being committed--

• by JD Heyes

A former French marine who went to fight on behalf of Ukraine following the invasion of Russian troops says that war crimes are definitely being committed there, but it's not Russian forces who are guilty, it's the Ukrainians.

Not only that, but several Ukrainian soldiers he came in contact with are neo-Nazis and bigots who vowed to harm Jews if they could get away with it.

The former marine, Adrien Bocquet, told Sud Radio, a French station, that he witnessed "a lot of war crimes" by Ukrainians but none by Russian troops, adding that because of that, he is extremely concerned as to why Europe and the United States are sending weapons to racist neo-Nazis and Jew-haters who are wearing Nazi symbols on their uniforms and even go so far as to brag about them.

"I worked with them and gave them medicine. Do you know what they said? That they would skin Jews or blacks if they had the chance," he told the station, noting that those remarks do not line up with the 'mainstream' media narrative of saving "democracy" and "our values" in Ukraine.