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Vintage DHP Ep. 21 (Reissue): A History of the US Dollar, Part 1


This will be part 1 of a multipart series (right now I estimate it will probably be around 4 parts) covering the history of the United States dollar.  The series will be non-contiguous — ie, interspersed with episodes on other, probably non-related topics.

Join CJ as he discusses:

Why money matters to understanding the world

British money of the colonial era, bimetallism, and Gresham's Law

Other things the colonists used as money when coinage wasn't readily available

Some of the desirable qualities in a commodity that make it work better than others as money, and some of the reasons why gold and silver function so well as money historically

The origins of the dollar — originally a Spanish coin modeled on a Bohemian coin, actually

The first paper money inflation in the Western World — in colonial Massachusetts

How overprinting of paper money in MA (and later in other colonies) disrupted their economy, and reinstating of hard money revived it

The Revolutionary War Continental Dollars, and the hyperinflation that resulted

A few updates on the show, how it's going, ways to support it, thank-yous to those who have, and a few remarks about the future of the show

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