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Resistance Not Futile: History Lesson On How To End Vaccine Mandates


Even though many people have died needlessly and people are fed up with the dictatorial urges of megalomaniac and tyrannical leaders, people should take heart that it is possible to throw off tyranny and return to some sense of normalcy. ? TN Editor


> If you're wondering how we'll ever put an end to these draconian COVID-19 mandates that are destroying lives and sanity across the world, take heart. History can serve us in this regard

> Over 135 years ago, in 1885, England became the host to a massive anti-vaccination movement that ultimately resulted in people overturning the government's compulsory vaccination rule

> Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in opposition to compulsory smallpox vaccinations. Many were fined and jailed, but in the end, the government relented and abolished the mandate

> The trucker protest in Canada and elsewhere is almost identical to what happened during smallpox vaccination campaigns more than a century ago, when mass protests and peaceful disobedience broke the government's tyrannical hold

> The Leicester Model was proven successful in the wake of that 1885 anti-vaccination protest and has been standard ever since. By quarantining infected patients and improving public hygiene, smallpox was finally eradicated