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Canada Has Fallen, America Is In Final Stages! Here Comes the CHICOM Peacekeepers!

•, By Dave Hodges

In perhaps the most volatile edition of the Doug and Dave Intel Report, a variety of topics were covered in which, at the end of the day, could result in the end of America as we know it. 

As one can clearly hear, we hit a nerve with this interview as it was interfered with as are MOST of The Doug and Dave Intel Report shows are. 

The topics discussed in this edition include

Justin Trudeau has exposed not only his own dictatorial and tyrannical style of leadership, he has also exposed the facade of civil liberties of all Western democracies!

The likely reaction of Western national leaders to the new-found spirit of populism and defiance against mandates of any type.

The reassertion of the presence of CHICOM troops both in Canada and in Mexico and the real possibility of a joint Chinese and Russian invasion.

The silence of the Americn government in the face of Canada's clearly expressed spirit of dictatorship. Silence equates to likemindedness and support.

The probability of Chinese "peacekeepers" entering Amerika and helping the Biden administration extinguish any popular uprising.

Canada has fallen, America is in the final stages of falling

What all of this means to America as we are not insulated from the events in Canada.

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