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Now even the steaks are being locked up!


Walmart has started securing high-priced steaks inside locked metal cages amid rising crime rates across the U.S., a new viral video has revealed. 

Michael Fromhold, from Florida, was stunned when he noticed that the meat at his local Walmart had been locked up in what appears to be a rather dramatic attempt to prevent people from stealing it. 

Michael took a video of it and shared it to TikTok where it quickly went viral - gaining more than four million views in a matter of days - and the clip lead some viewers to lament the fact that such measures have become necessary.

The video, which showed the Angus beef wrapped in chains with an electronic security tag, comes amid growing concern about the rising crime rates across the country - something that Michael quickly lamented in his post. 

'You gotta be kidding me,' Michael began in the video, as he held up the protected meat. 'Walmart now has the steak locked up. Holy s**t it's come to this. This is getting bad.'

It is unclear whether or not the cages are being used in all Walmart stores across the country, or whether the company is implementing the safety measures in stores that are located in areas of high crime. has reached out to a Walmart spokesperson for comment. 

Many people shared their dismay over Walmart's new protective measures in the comment section, with one calling the world we live in 'sad.' 

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