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Today's Pandemic Response Is Eerily Similar to the Smallpox Pandemic Response

•, By Steve Kirsch

This insight comes from one of my readers, A Midwestern Doctor who Writes A's Newsletter (which was just launched 3 hours ago).

In turn, he got it from the amazing book "Dissolving Illusions" by Dr. Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk which describes the history of vaccines, public health, and the anti-vax movement (which started in the 1700s).

I wanted to share it with all of you because what happened over 135 years ago is very similar to what is happening now.

How they solved it 135 years ago

The solution then was not trying to convince decision makers using rational scientific arguments. It was a mass public protest that resulted in the abandonment of what the "experts" were saying to do and adoption of new methods that worked that were opposed by the medical community.

Here's what A Midwestern Doctor wrote in the comments of my last article:

What is currently happening with the COVID mandates and protests is nearly identical to what happened 135 years ago with the smallpox vaccine campaigns, where the vaccination made smallpox epidemics worse, the vaccines killed a lot of people, the public refused them and governments responded by harsher and harsher mandatory vaccination laws.

Eventually one of the largest protests of the century broke out in 1885, vaccine mandates were scrapped in one area in favor of alternative management of smallpox, and this is what actually ended smallpox.

My belief is that this is a very important message to get out to the current protest movement and will do a lot of good if it does.

I wrote a 10 page concise but detailed and referenced summary of everything that happened I want to be made available (but I do not want credit for).

The entire summary can be found here and I would greatly appreciate it if you could bring awareness to this issue.