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DIY - Geodesic Dome Greenhouse - Build for $83.04

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I have been using a Geodesic Dome Greenhouse for several months now to get a jump on the growing season.  Only problem is it cost me $2500.  Why can't a simple dome be constructed for much less using inexpensive pvc materials and repurposed items?      IT CAN BE DONE ON THE CHEAP!

In this video, i show you how to construct a DIY Do It Yourself Geodesic Dome Greenhouse and only spend $83.04. You can use a free trampoline from craigslist or facebook classifieds and then buy less than $85 in materials to build a sturdy, wind tolerant frame. It's a quick and easy build that a novice can handle. Don't forget NEXT WEEK i will release Part 2 where we cover it with plastic and add a door, secure it to the ground and most important, MAKE IT SELF WATERING.

Here's what you need:

1 trampoline (i used a 14' model)
(15) 1" PVC
(3) 1/2" PVC
(3) SCH 40 cross tees
3/8 x 6 carriage bolt w/ 2 washers, lock washer, nut
some pvc glue
odds and ends screws