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Liberal Radio Host Jimmy Dore Warns Censorship Of Alex Jones Was Just The Beginning


Dore, who used to cohost the far-left show "The Young Turks", explained last week how Big Tech and the Democrats began their censorship campaign with Jones before moving on to former President Donald Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

"They went from Alex Jones to the President of the United States to a Kennedy, and now they're going to the number one show in America," Dore said on "The Jimmy Dore Show", referring to Joe Rogan's podcast, which has eclipsed the mainstream media in the ratings.

"'It's just Alex Jones' and then everyone and anyone who steps out of line," he added.

Dore noted that Rogan draws in approximately 11 million viewers per episode, over 10x that of CNN or MSNBC.

"CNN primetime doesn't even get a million," Dore said, adding that Rogan is "1,100% bigger."

But the establishment is panicking over that because Rogan uses his show to have a real discussion about COVID, the vaccines, and mandates.