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Poll Finds Only 10% Of Americans Trust Media On COVID, 30% Trust Fauci

• by Paul Joseph Watson


The survey was conducted by NewsNation/Decision Desk HQ.

It asked participants, "When it comes to information about COVID-19, which of the following sources would you say you trust? Select all that apply."

Dr. Anthony Fauci: 30.8%

Federal health authorities like the CDC and the FDA: 49.8%

Your doctor: 63.2%

President Biden: 15.5%

The news media: 10.2%

Put it another way, almost 90 per cent of Americans don't trust the media when it comes to COVID and fewer than one in five trust Joe Biden.

No wonder Biden is begging social media companies to engage in even more censorship of information relating to COVID-19.

The numbers are even more staggering when one considers the fact that 73.9 per cent of respondents are vaccinated.

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People are waking up big time. The corrupted Illuminati, has crossed the line with their nano-vaxx-bio-weapon. Stay on the Defensive and stop falling for the Left-Right-Puppet-Paradigm and we will win this over time!