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Winnebago prepares to show America's first all-electric motorhome

•, By C.C. Weiss

Winnebago explains that the forthcoming electric motorhome concept has been developed by the company's Advanced Technology Group (ATG) over the course of two years. ATG was established within Winnebago Industries in 2019, tasked with identifying and developing emerging technologies for use in the company's products and services. The 2022 electric motorhome concept will be the first public-facing example of its work, Winnebago says.

That's about all the vehicle detail Winnebago gives for now, inviting a few days' worth of speculation as to what type of motorhome it will be. The most obvious choice would be a camper van (Class B motorhome) because that would be smaller, lighter and easier on driving range than a larger Class A or C motorhome. The grille, headlight and bumper lines of the front-end Winnebago teased above line up with the Ford Transit, a van that currently features in the Winnebago Ekko Class B+/C motorhome and has featured in past Winnebago camper vans.