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How to Insulate a Camper for Winter Use (11 Helpful Tips)

•, Mike Wendland

RV electric heaters, or even a small space heater, can easily warm up small spaces. But if you do not insulate your rig, that heat can escape right through an exterior wall. And there is nothing fun about being cold on a chilly night!

But there are some simple insulation changes you can make to help keep your RV heat source running efficiently, and keep the warm air indoors where it belongs!

Tips on How to Insulate a Camper for Winter Use

The following are my best camper insulation tips to help keep your rig warm this winter.

1. Seal the Windows

RV windows are the largest factor when it comes to heat loss when winter camping. The best way to ensure that you keep your warm air inside during freezing temperatures is to seal your RV windows. It's the first thing you should do when winterizing your rig.